Cloth Portals

Dear Ones-

This site is a platform for my fiber art in addition to my HeartWeaving practice.  As a HeartWeaver, my purpose is to be of service in connecting you to your Hearts’ desires and holding the space for you to move forward on your paths and journeys.

For many years, I have been assisting people by doing readings (Tarot and Channeling) and energy balancing (working with rattles, feathers, bells and drumming).  It is now a great pleasure to be able to add “Cloth Portals” to my repertoire. Cloth Portals are small fiber pieces that can be used as mandalas to help you focus, ground, or connect you with your core energy.  As a piece of art, they can be displayed on a wall or kept in a sacred space (like an altar).  They are visible reminders to help you anchor yourselves to your heart energy and help rekindle the Light of Oneness.

Please view the gallery below.  Some pieces are custom creations. Others may spark something for you.  Please email me for more information and/or to get in touch for a personalized reading.