My aim is to incorporate my life long experience as a healer into this medium – thus I refer to my works as Conscious Quilts.  I use the processes of sewing, piecing, quilting and embellishment (with thread, beads and/or paint) as a meditation.  My development as an artist is now mirroring my spiritual path.

About Me

Color and texture are what inspired me to start expressing myself with fiber. Since I began working with fabric in 2008, my process has been evolving and changing. I have learned that I love to deconstruct what I see in the world into its simplest expressions of light and dark geometric shapes. From here, it gives me great pleasure to reintegrate these forms back together in abstract patterns. Learn more about my work on My Bio page.




It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I am grateful for family, friends, my art/passion, well being, and all that I have. I am a very lucky person indeed. Where am I with my art?  Well- my “Heatwave NYC” quilt got rejected for the High Fiber Diet show.  So I re-entered it in the 2017 Excellence in Fibers …

New Beginnings

They say start where you are – so I will.  It is a new year for me – Fall and change in weather; beginning of the school year; the Jewish new year- all make me feel  like a new cycle is beginning –so I will begin here and now. I just got back from a …


Email me: toni.f.smith@gmail.com