This piece, “Nonlinear Dreamtime”, I created for the SAQA show “From Dusk to Dawn”.  I will have to wait until March to find out if it will be juried in… I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Regardless of acceptance I am very happy with this piece that is a visual representation of the kaleidoscopic movement in my dreams.  Images move back and forth and up and down simultaneously.

Since submitting this piece at the end of January, I have been unable to begin a new project… the first week of February I gave myself time to clean up my studio (also known as ½ of our living room) and go to the movies. And I enjoyed seeing most of the Academy award nominations.  The 2nd week of February, I began thinking what did I want to do next? And nothing came to me!  Perhaps a special piece for James? (I have never created a piece for my dear sweet husband – a definite case of the cobbler’s children not having shoes) or perhaps a “cloth portal” for my dear friend Blaise (when I was in SF in January for the Women’s March I did a tarot card for her- the reading was amazing and I will be creating a small meditation piece as a focus for her). Still nothing!! Now we are up to week 3 of February- I have been reading lists of “Calls for Entry” for shows; going through my inspiration notebooks (this is what people did before pinterest boards); going to the Portland Art Museum; looking at everything intently; pulling out fabric from my stash and refolding my fabric– and still nothing- not one “oh that could be interesting” or anything!

Today is a snow day… white and crisp and clear from yesterday’s snow.  So after I finish this posting and gathering all the info for taxes (yuck – but got to do it) I am going to just sit down and sew. Wish me luck!  If I go into week 4 without a direction for a project I will make not only myself crazy, but everyone else!

Also I have been watching the Olympics … so inspired by these young and dedicated athletes!  (and also inspired by the teens in Florida who are fighting for change)

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  1. Wildly sharp and pointy–reminds me a bit of stained glass.
    May your new project easily unfold in the flow of all the energies you’ve been exploring. Would love to see this “live.”
    How about a new piece: “Snow Day:Portland” ?

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