It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I am grateful for family, friends, my art/passion, well being, and all that I have. I am a very lucky person indeed.

Where am I with my art?  Well- my “Heatwave NYC” quilt got rejected for the High Fiber Diet show.  So I re-entered it in the 2017 Excellence in Fibers show (along with my “Rio Verde” quilt)- sponsored by Fiber Arts Magazine .  They were not chosen for the live show in San Jose.  This of course put me in a bit of a funk.  However I was just notified that I have been accepted in their on-line gallery! Note this site is still under construction.


Another exciting development for me is my clarity about my “Cloth Portals”.  Cloth Portals is the name I have given to the smaller pieces I am creating to be used as meditation focus pieces –like one would use a mandala.  Making these pieces is my heart work… and I especially like to make them after doing Tarot readings for clients.  Then these custom pieces can help the person  be reminded of/focus on whatever clarity arose from their reading (Non-custom pieces can be used to help any meditator connect to whatever is up for them –peace; strength; purity; self love etc.)  Earlier this month I did a reading that focused on balancing feelings and intuition  —  this Cloth Portal-“Fire and Water” was what I was inspired to make.  I felt such joy making this Portal!  I gained so much from this experience.  I now know that I need to focus on creating more pieces- both customized and archetypal.  Please watch this section of my website grow – and please get in touch if you would like a reading or want a Cloth Portal designed for where you are at – right now in the moment.

Wishing all a much joy and light for this coming season!

Love  Toni

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  1. So glad you persisted and re-entered and that two pieces were accepted. Now more people will be able to appreciate your art.

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